If you are interested in joining the Coterie, click the "apply to guild" button in the membership request box. From there go into our forums, click on the "application" forum, and follow the guidelines to fill out and submit your application. Simply clicking the "apply" button is NOT the application. Or, if filling out guild apps really isn't your thing, look for and contact an officer in-game to set up a full IC interview -- Eralen, Amanthiel or Arithor. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!


The Coterie is a small tightly-knit group of roleplayers on the Moon Guard server who enjoy all aspects of the game; weaving stories, slaying dragons, and asking if this transmog makes my butt look fat, all while having the occasional wildly inappropriate guild chat. We've recently revamped our guild in a return to our roots. After taking a more martial, 'Knights Hospitaller' stance in the buildup to Draenor, we're coming home... wayward stepchildren of the Church with a slightly heretical bent. We are a loosely-religious order focused not so much on spreading the teachings of the Church, but on making sure the world around us is touched by the Light. Our storylines wouldn't look out of place on Game of Thrones or Outlander; and while they wouldn't quite mesh with Vikings, some of us wouldn't mind cuddling up to Ragnar Lothbrook. Please, feel free to browse our forums if you're interested, and contact Eralen, Amanthiel, or Arithor in game. If we're not there, chances are one of us is on our plethora of "the first step is admitting you have a problem" alts. 
The Coterie had maintained a standing garrison amongst the Valley's lush hills since Karabor's liberation; having done their part in the pacification of Shadowmoon, they'd helped to buy the native Draenei time to regroup and defend their exotic lands. Taking on the wounded as the front moved elsewhere, they'd built a name for themselves as selfless healers, garnering a respect amongst those Draenei, and the Alliance forces who'd once looked upon them as heretics. With the remnants of the Iron Horde surrounded by armies of both factions, however, the decision was made to return to Azeroth at last; traveling healers and knowledge seekers in search of a place to settle, to teach... and always, to learn. Endeavoring to beget our best selves, we strive to bring about the best in others; acceptance, in an open, natural, and safe environment.
Body, mind, and spirit. 
This is our Trinity.